Best Dubai Air Show

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If you are passionate about aviation then a fantastic event related to this that we strongly recommend is the Dubai Air Show, which promises to be absolutely amazing this year. This year it actually gathered not more and not less than 79.380 trade visitors from every corner of the world. There were 1200 exhibitors and 1603 regional and international media. This event is certainly dedicated to connecting people. Here is how this show will be next year.

Dubai is one amazing metropolis where luxury is in the first place, from all points of view. It is a place that it is certainly worth to be seen once in a lifetime. Just make sure you have a good vacation budget as everything here is quite expensive. However, if you decide to visit it then we recommend you to do it in the period when the Dubai Air Show takes place. This is the best air show from here that is absolutely spectacular. It started in 1989 and since then it gathers lots of spectators every single year. It is known worldwide and not only the visitors are from every corner of the world but the participants as well.

This year the event took place in July but in 2019 it will take place in November. There will be exhibition companies such as 7 Dimension Media, 3D Systems, 2Heads, AAR Aviation Supply Chain, AAR Corp, AAR Airlift, AAR Commercial Aviation, Abu Dhabi Aviation, Abu Dhabi Ship Building – Member of Emirates Defense Companies Council, Adams Rite Aerospace, Adler Aviation, Adnoc, ADP Inginerie, Advalange, and many more. Not only you will watch an amazing air show but you will also have the opportunity to attend several interesting conferences where you will learn plenty of interesting things.

The edition from this year will do its best in order to bring again the aerospace community together, as this is actually one of the best networking events all over the world. Business aviation in United Emirates Arab is certainly booming and the wonderful growth is illustrated by the considerable increase in business aviation presence at this extraordinary show. The flying displays are quite promising. They will demonstrate all the wonderful technical capabilities of different aircraft. Visitors of all ages are invited to attend this show in order to live a unique experience. If you would like to see the show as well but you don’t have any friend or family member to take with you, then we suggest you find a pleasant escort. Dubai is full of escorts and these girls are absolutely gorgeous. It is true that they ask for lots of money but the services they offer are without a doubt exceptional. Therefore, don’t hesitate and choose a nice company for this amazing air show.

As a conclusion, we would like to mention that on the official Dubai Air Show website you can find further information regarding this event and you can also book your tickets. Just make sure you book them in advance with at least two months as they are being sold quite fast.


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