Top 3 Emirate Airlines

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These days, there are lots of tourists that visit the countries within the UAE, all year round. There is plenty to see and do, not to mention the culture which is a very different and interesting one. If you also plan a journey to Dubai or any other location in Emirates, then the following top 3 Emirate Airlines will certainly help you choose the best flight.

1. Emirate Airlines

This is without a doubt the best airline which we recommend you choose in order to have not only a safe journey but a very comfortable one as well. You can either travel on economy class or the business one. The first class has private suites with sliding doors and also ambient lighting so that your flight experience can be an extremely relaxing one. Most of the Emirate Airline’s fleet consists of very spacious Boeing 777s and A380s. Furthermore, the Emirates Lounges in Dubai and in other 50 international airports spread around six continents are available to travelers in upper cabin classes. You can enjoy a wonderful spa treatment, gourmet buffets, and also an excellent bar service. Your time spent in any of these lounges will surely be a time well spent.

2. Air Arabia

We continue our top with Air Arabia Airline which is a low-cost company yet extremely professional, which has been established on 3rd February 2003. The airline had an excellent profit from the first year it actually entered the business. Air Arabia provides scheduled services to not more and not less than 151 destinations in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and even the Indian subcontinent. The main base of this company is Sharjah International Airport, which is 15 kilometers distance from central Dubai. An interesting thing about this airline is that it is one of the few ones that don’t serve alcoholic drinks on its flights. Other than this you will certainly enjoy a comfortable and relaxing flight.

3. Flydubai

This is also a low-cost airline, but a very popular one worldwide.  People all over the world book all year round Flydubai flight tickets, as they are quite affordable and the services excellent. The head office is in Terminal 2 of Dubai Airport, and the company operates between a total of 100 destinations, such as Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Flydubai has been formed in 2008 as a venture and it started to run independently in a quite short period of time. On June 2013, the company added to its flights the business class as well, which has been a fantastic idea because the number of travelers started to grow. Flydubai operates only out of Dubai and it is without a doubt one of the best Emirate airlines you should travel with. All in all, we hope that our top will help you make a good choice when you decide to visit any of the wonderful countries of the United Arab Emirates. However, just keep in mind to choose the airline that offers a great comfort in case your flight will be a very long one.




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