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FAI-World Parachuting Championships MONDIAL 2012 Dubai

The United Arab Emirates will host the World Parachuting Championships 2012 for the first time in Dubai


International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers

 IFATCA Seminar 2010 (Click Here To Download)

Asiania Parachute Federation

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The EAA was established in 1997 as a non-profit association by the federal law number 6 of 1974 for the establishment of non profit associations and amended by the law number 20 of 1981. EAA held a press conference on the 30th of August 1997 to announce the birth of the association for the purpose of promoting, maintaining and enhancing the stature of aviation community in the UAE.

From its modest beginnings, Emirates Aviation Association has worked hard over the years to ensure that the main goals of the association were achieved, these included:

Q Promoting aviation in the UAE and increase the level of knowledge in the aviation community

Q Conducting technical and educational seminars with GCAA cooperation

Q Conducting training courses and regional competitions for different EAA commissions

Q Participating in different IFATCA and FAI meetings

Q Enhancing and maintain cooperation between different aviation agencies within the UAE and International Organizations

Our mission in the future will be to continue its regional outreach and to encourage more students to become involved in aviation.


 3rd consecutive International Exhibition of General Aviation






Bulletin No. 1


Bulletin-No 2 4thDIPC2013 revised final version 291013


Money Prizes 4th DIPC 2013 revised 270713 (2).pdf


Preliminary Registration final version_edition 2_4DIPC.xls














Final Registration final version_edition 2_4DIPC.xls

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Dubai International Parachuting Championship And Gulf Cup
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